This Week in Lust | Leopards and Tigers

This week in lust
Coming to you live from my bed, here are this week’s items that are giving me life support. 🙂
  1. Tiger Pull-Over from – Close your eyes, imagine that sweater with a thick black legging/leather leggings, some bad azz black ankle boots, and some chunky gold accessories…ooooweee!
  2. Charlotte Olympia Polly Leopard Pump from – Listen, I feel like Charlotte Olympia shoes snatch wigs from the top of Christian Louboutin’s head. I don’t who invented the island platform, but I have come to associate it with her shoes and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Beyonce has been seen taking a stroll with Blue Ivy wearing her “cat faced leopard flats” and, as a leopard print fanatic, I couldn’t be any more elated.
  3. Beat Bracelet from – Ain’t that cute? As I like to say, I have a certain insatiable lust for life, so I believe this is fitting for me.
  4. Cut Out Leopard Oxfords from – I have never seen anything like these shoes before. I’m still staring at them.
  5. Miayet – Pleated hand-woven shorts from – The holidays are the time for bright shorts and the fabric these shorts are made of were hand-crafted in India. Fancy *pinkies up*. Lastly, I love the tailoring because it probably will make the pant fit better and of course, it adds some flair.

That’s all folks!

❤ Brittany


Designer Look for Less: Valentino Slingback Dupe

Valentino slingbacks

Sole Society is quickly becoming one of my favorite online shoe stores! I’ve been seeing the Valentino Slingback for a while now in the fashion blogosphere and Style Pantry, one of my favorite fashion bloggers, wore them recently in a featured outfit. The story: I was checking my e-mail last week and I get a  ton of e-mails from various stores persuading me to spend my last dime on whatever it is they’re selling. Anyway, I was browsing Sole Society’s selection and came across the “Margie Stud Pump” (photo above: bottom), which as you can see, resembles the Valentino Slingbacks (photo above: top).

As a semi-broke college student, I’m all for designer looks for less and good God, I love a well-crafted dupe! A lot of times, companies remake designer shoes, and a lot of times, they look cheap. No bueno. These shoes, which come in black, red, and citron, and go for $49.95, a far cry away from the Valentino’s which range from $895.00 to $1,295.00. Yikes!

If you happen to want to see/purchase the Valentino’s they come in variety of colours and styles.

1. All black with rhinestones from Neiman Marcus

2. All black patent from Saks Fifth Avenue

3. All Nude from Saks Fifth Avenue

4. Black and nude from Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Red and nude from

6. Black patent and nude from

7. Pink patent and nude from

Okay I’ll stop there 🙂 because I could go on and on.

Enjoy the day!

❤ Brittany

Valentino Slingback
Untitled #16
Untitled #15
Untitled #17

BASS Approved: Rosario Dawson in Calvin Klein

"Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala

Forget moment of silence, I’m going to need you to hold your breathe in honour of this leather dress Rosario Dawson is wearing. This photo was taken a very, very long time ago at the Met Gala back in May of this year. However, I do BASS approved posts whenever I see something that makes me smile.

The Story: I was on Pinterest, you know just pinnin’ n shyt, when this dress appeared on my dashboard and a literally shrieked (If my reaction isn’t audible, I don’t post the outfit.) This leather trend that’s been going on for sometime now is really doing if for me because I think leather is classy, and timeless. No? *Karl Lagerfield voice*

Her dress is by Calvin Klein, and I just love the way it has a defined waistline, created by the band (and the fact that Rosario’s body is bangin’). Also, the tailoring is perfect and even though the dress is pretty simple, I think the seams add a little touch of character to it. The flare at the bottom is what gives this dress its “elegance factor” that it would not have without it. The collar of the dress also draws attention to her face, which is very natural looking.

Her hair and accessories are minimal, and I like this because leather can be a overpowering and if classy is the look you’re going for, then simple, chic buns never fail. The only pop of colour we get is the gorgeous blue earrings she’s wearing by Fred Leighton.

I love this look! Do you?





There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet…


Her name is Leena, and she is the latest addition to my shoe collection. Altogether now “Hi Leena!”. The story: I was on Facebook minding my own business when I saw an advertisement for Sole Society, an online shoe store. The shoe featured was a leopard print and pink sandal that resembled the Zara sandal, and I lost it. After exploring the shoes on the website, I settled on these boots because they were more practical, appropriate for the weather, and thought they were just so damn classy. I had to have them. I’m also really into this leather trend as of late because as I”m graduating next year, I’m trying incorporate more mature pieces into my wardrobe. They’re called the “Aster Ankle Bootie” and they come in taupe, black, and charcoal (which features blue suede that I’m just now seeing as I bought these shoes a few weeks ago). The black is sold out, except for size 8 and most of the sizes in the other colors are still available.

I’m really proud of this purchase because they are my first shoes that are genuine leather and genuine suede. These are also my first pair of booties! I feel like a fashion grown-up and I’m content.

❤ Brittany

p.s. When I buy something, I immediately pin it to my “what’s in my closet” board on Pinterest. Check it out!



Trend Alert | Black and White Color Blocking

 Trend Alert: Black and White

Day before yesterday, I was taking a look at the new Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 collection and there were a lot of black and white items. Yesterday, as I was stalking the internet and getting my shopping carts ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I also noticed a lot of black and white items, mainly dresses; hence, trend alert :).

I think the dresses are very chic and as I’m getting older, about to graduate in less than a year, I’m incorporating more mature pieces into my wardrobe. For those of you thinking, “my gosh, black and white is so plain,” you can pair these items with bright colored shoes or purse to spice it up.

If these were shirts, you could pair it with a colored pant or skirt. Picture a black and white top, with a red (or any other bold color) pencil skirt that hits below the knee, black pointed toe pumps, and simple gold accessories. I’m getting excited just thinking about it :). In fact, I think I might wear a similar outfit this Christmas.

The items in the photo above are as follows.

1. Belle Curve Black and White Dress –

2. Illusion Pencil Dress –

3. Contrast Jacquard Dress –

4. Get In Shapes Black and White Leggings –

5. City Classified Yappy Patent Cap-Toe Flats –

I also found some other items that I thought were pretty eye-catching. The dresses in the photo below are on the pricier side, but the Pintuck Coated Jersey Dress (left) is gorgeous and unlike any dress I’ve seen recently because it has a ‘wet faux leather look’ on the sides. The Wide Multistripe Sweater Dress is perfect for the working gal along with black stockings and some pumps.

Trend: Black and White Dresses

The photo below features a contrast lapel blazer that is pretty basic and will go with almost anything in your closet. I absolutely love the two boots at the right of the picture; the one at the top are black toe cap anle boots from Dorothy Perkins, one my favorite online stores. You can’t see it that well in the photo, but the shoe features a snake-skin island platform, and the pattern is also on the back of the boot – it gives people a reason to stare. 🙂

The boot at the bottom is from Truth or Dare by Madonna, and is called the feline platform pump. I really like some of the shoes from this line, like these, which I believe is exclusively sold at Macy’s. I also found another black and white shoe that is not photo’d below: Ivanka Trump Barina Platform Pumps. They’re patent leather so they offer some shine. 🙂

Finally, the black canvas tote is by BCBGMAXAZRIA and I just love this brand! I recently got one of their popular bracelets for my birthday. Click here if you’re interested in seeing it.

Hope you enjoyed the items I found! I think it’s time for me to hit the sac because I’m beginning to mistype simple words and my lids feel like lead.

All the Best, Brittany

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