There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet…


Her name is Leena, and she is the latest addition to my shoe collection. Altogether now “Hi Leena!”. The story: I was on Facebook minding my own business when I saw an advertisement for Sole Society, an online shoe store. The shoe featured was a leopard print and pink sandal that resembled the Zara sandal, and I lost it. After exploring the shoes on the website, I settled on these boots because they were more practical, appropriate for the weather, and thought they were just so damn classy. I had to have them. I’m also really into this leather trend as of late because as I”m graduating next year, I’m trying incorporate more mature pieces into my wardrobe. They’re called the “Aster Ankle Bootie” and they come in taupe, black, and charcoal (which features blue suede that I’m just now seeing as I bought these shoes a few weeks ago). The black is sold out, except for size 8 and most of the sizes in the other colors are still available.

I’m really proud of this purchase because they are my first shoes that are genuine leather and genuine suede. These are also my first pair of booties! I feel like a fashion grown-up and I’m content.

❤ Brittany

p.s. When I buy something, I immediately pin it to my “what’s in my closet” board on Pinterest. Check it out!