I’m Feeling Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Lipsticks

The title of this post is very misleading. This is not a Girls Gone Wild post. It’s about makeup (but you knew that).

I have this notion that I don’t care how terrible I look, if I have on lipstick I feel like this:

Beyonce serving

I don’t care if I wake up 20 minutes before class and all I have time to do is wash my face, brush my teeth and make negatives positive, I am “gone with the wind fabulous” if I have on some lipstick. #DontDoMe

This is my justification for any lipstick that I buy, especially the MAC ones that leave dents the size of the grand canyon in my pocket (I only have two). However, Wet n Wild is about that life. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick colors are only $1.99 and are (dare I say it) almost MAC quality. Listen. I put one of these lipsticks on in the morning, had an egg sandwich for breakfast, coffee to wake my tired ass up, and a chicken burger with fries to calm the demon in my belly that ferociously uprises at 2 p.m. In all three of these cases I saw where some lipstick came off, but at the end of the day around 5 p.m., lipstick was still on my lips. How ’bout that?

I purchased them from drugstore.com and the colours of the lipsticks in the photo below are (L-R): Sugar Plum Fairy, Stop Light Red, Mauve Outta Here, and Cherry Bomb. You do not have to offer your kidney to buy makeup because there are a lot of brands like Wet n Wild that offer good quality makeup #onthecheap.

Wet n Wild Lipsticks

Wet n Wild Lipsticks
Wet n Wild Lipstick Swatches

I also like e.l.f. Cosmetics because they too provide good makeup for awesome prices. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about primers, but I’ve been using the e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer ever since I started priming my face. There is probably a product out there that is a million times better, but for $6 I’m rocking with it for now.

I was also feeling a little “blushy” and I grew tired tired of the same two blushes I wear all the time. I’m not that adventurous with blush. I’ll wear blue lipstick, but I refuse to buy blushes that are lighter than a rosy pink. I just don’t think Barbie face will work for me. So I picked up the e.l.f. Studio Blush in Blush Rose (sorry I forgot to swatch). For $3, I wasn’t even expecting this thing to show up on my face, but this blush is very pigmented. It doesn’t last as long as the brand that begins with an M and ends with a C, but I think it is beautiful.

Okay. My silly behind was spending $12 (or however much it is) on a MAC eyebrow pencil before I watched one of those eyebrow tutorial videos on YouTube. Homegirl was using a good ole $3.09 costing Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil on her eyebrows and here I was wasting my money on an eyebrow pencil that doesn’t even last that long. I regained sense and bought the Rimmel pencil, but the problem is that I bought dark brown. Apparently dark brown doesn’t mean dark brown anymore because  that shit had me looking all light in the eyebrows. As far as quality goes, it’s perfect. It glides on very easily, but the formula of the pencil gives you just the right amount of friction you need. That’s one thing I didn’t like about the MAC pencil: it was too smooth so I couldn’t control it as much.

I also picked up some of that damn Ben Nye powder in the colours banana and topaz (that every body and their mamas are talking about), but we’re gonna discuss those a little later (perhaps after I figure out how to use them) #blend.

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Elf Makeup

e.l.f. blush "blush rose"



I Finally Got My Purple Lipstick

Happy hump day good people. So I finally got my purple lipstick from Sephora. Last year, I went into the store looking for eyeliner and I glimpsed a beautiful purple lipstick by Make Up Forever. I thought I saw raw gold because I’d been looking for a purple lipstick for a while and in my pursuits, all that I’d found were either lavender or plum. No. I wanted purple.

Of course, after offering my arm to pay for the eyeliner, I had no money to pay for the lipstick. However, when I went Black Friday  shopping (not that it was on sale), I bought it, only to come home and find that I’d picked up a bright orange lipstick instead. Sigh. Anyway, it is in my custody and any decisions to be made regarding it will be lead my me. 🙂

I also sampled the Make Up Forever HD Foundation and took the very deep plunge and purchased it. My only hangup is that I couldn’t remember the shade of the sample I tried, and the shade I bought (177) does not look as good. I think I’m going to mix it with my Revlon Colorstay in the shade Caramel to make it a little warmer.

I also picked up two nails polishes, Revlon “Ocean” (swatch here) and “Facets of Fuschia” (right). I also decided to re-up on some facial wipes, Neutrogena Facewash, and Proactiv (that was sent to me because I forgot to cancel my account).

Until Next Time,


IMG_5463 IMG_5467 IMG_5468

New Lippies and other drugs…

There are some things in life that make me smile. Buying new lipsticks is one of them. I purchased these items a long time ago, but I’m finally getting to make this post and share my purchases with you guys.

I did not take individual pictures of the yes to cucumbers hypoallergenic facial towelettes or the milani eye tech liquid liner, but I’d give them 4 and 3 stars respectively. The towelettes are very soft and take off makeup really well. I sometimes use them when I’m too lazy to wash my face and they get the job done! The milani liner is not the best liner so I wouldn’t recommend this if you are experienced in applying liquid liner because the colour payoff is not the best.

However, if you’re a newbie like me, then this is a nice start. I believe the key to using this product is to hold the applicator to the side, that way you can actually get the product onto your lid. Otherwise, it does not work.

The photo above features two of my favourite false eyelashes: Ardell Lashes in 105 (left) and Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Lashes (right). I wear the Ardell lashes when I want a more dramatic look, that is, when I’m going to the club or to a party 🙂 (I wore them in this video), and I wear the Revlon lashes for an everyday look because they look very natural (I wore them in this video).

 I decided to give the CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer a try after hearing one of my favorite makeup YouTubers, lilpumpkinpie05, rave about it. The colour I got was “ebony bronze” and I use it to contour my cheeks, jaw and forehead (watch this video at 3:06 to see what I mean).

Now for the fun stuff! The lipsticks I purchased were Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in colour number 04, Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in “Berry Haute” , and CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in “Euphoria”. I love all of these lipsticks; they’re already apart of my favourite lipstick collection because I don’t really but lipsticks unless I’ve done my research on them. They go on really easily and colour payoff is great, especially for the price!

Below are some swatches; The first one is not photo’d above: it’s Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in “Va va violet”. To the right of that is the rimmel kate 04 followed by berry haute and euphoria (I have on euphoria in this video). As you can see “va va violet” is pretty similar to “rimmel kate 04” (which is also similar to the Azalia Banks MAC lipstick “Yung Rapunzel”). These are all dupes for each other so there’s no need to spend extra money if it’s not necessary (These were on sale when I bought them so that’s my excuse 🙂 ). Oh! Berry Haute is a bit of a dupe for MAC’s “Up the Amp”.

Thanks for reading! ❤ Brittany