DIY | Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Fall Decoration


 I have a pretty crafty family as my mother and aunt both sew and make strawbags. A few years back, actually at least six years ago, I saw a decorative piece in my aunt’s house that I thought was so pretty.

She picked cones off of pine trees, spray painted them gold, and placed the in a basket. It was the perfect Christmas decoration. I am in love with this DIY project because it’s simple and cheap. All I spent was $5.65 on a 3 oz. can of spray paint from Amazon.

Below is a video that details the entire process from start to finish. (Tutorial starts at 0:40). Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I’d really appreciate if you share this on Pinterest if you’re about that Pinterest life 🙂

Hope you like,





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