My New Favourite Fragrance | Pink Ice

 I never really buy cheap perfume because they scent doesn’t last long. At the register at Rue 21, though, I was $5 away from a nice coupon so I grabbed one of the scents on the counter and threw it in with the other things I bought. It was only for $9.99 so I thought ‘what the hey?’

I was surprised at how wonderful it smelled! It has a very fruity, sweet and floral smell. Even thought it doesn’t last that long, it’s nice to wear around the house when your having company for a short while (or if you just want to smell nice).

See the perfume here at Rue 21, and purchase in store, or here on ebay for $6. 

Much love,

Fall Trend Alert | Houndstooth

When I was a little girl in the early 90s, I would see my mum wear houndstooth and tweed jackets that I thought were so old fashioned. Because my mum sews a lot of her clothing, I thought it would be shameful if I went on with my life not knowing how to sew a simple shirt at least. Check out my mom’s blog here. 

On a pattern website, I saw a beautiful houndstooth jacket and I thought I’d sew one for the winter. I was pleasantly surprised that when surfing the internet stores, I started seeing a lot of houndstooth clothing. 

The print is a classic so this must mean it’s coming back “in style” for the fall and I can’t wait! I took the liberty to search the web and I found some beautiful items, within different price ranges, that some of you may be interested in.

Much love,


The coat in the above photo:  “Emilia Houndstooth Jacket” by Alice + Olivia ($550). Purchase here from Neiman Marcus. 

 “Houndstooth Jacket” by Anne Klein ($149.). Purchase here.


 “Houndstooth Print Contrast Dress” ($22.80) Purchase here from Forever 21.

 “Club L Houndstooth Fit and Flare Dress” ($37.47). Purchase here from

“Houndstooth Print Polo Dress” ($99). Purchase here

“Houndstooth Print Shift Dress w/Belt” ($22.80). Purchase here from

“Houndstooth Pleated Shirtdress” ($27.80). Purchase here from


“Alfani Top, Sleeveless Houndstooth Print Cowl-Neck” ($29.98). Purchase here from 

“Houndstooth Tank” ($12.80). Purchase here from


“Zippered Houndstooth Patterned Leggings” ($15.80). Purchase here from


“Kassidy Houdstooth Slingbacks” by Worthington ($37.00). Purchase here from

“Shoe Republic LA Gardena Black Houndstooth Lace-Up Ankle Boots” ($53). Purchase here from

“Houndstooth Loafers” ($22.80). Purchase here from

“Bowstown Houndstooth Top Handle” by Anne Klein ($85.00). Purchase here.

Style Crush | Rihanna

A while ago, I did a post on Elle Varner basically raving about her fashion sense. Next in line is the ever so stylish Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty. You can say what you want about Ms. Fenty, but the girl can dress her ass off. As she says in her song Hard, “I’m the hottest B**** in heels right here”. She has style for days, weeks, months, days off, and possibly even decades.

I’m a fan of a lot of Rihanna’s looks, but I’ve decided to choose my Top 5 looks and run with it. Without further adieu… 

Coming in at number 5 is this stunning number that Rih Rih was spotted in leaving Osteria Mozza restaurant in Los Angeles back in April 2011. *Cues “Lady in Reeeeed”*. This look screams sophisticated sexy; the low v-neck shows just enough cleavage, which is offset by the almost mid-thigh length of the dress.

 I think Rihanna can pull of any style of dress even if the dress is made of garbage bags (in fact, she has). However, the bow on the dress and the rouching/wrap nature accentuates the waist-line and hides the fact that you may have overeaten. 

The dazzling statement necklace draws attention away from the plunging neckline and the jewelry on her left hand is simple. The leopard print bag adds pizzaz to the simplicity of the dress and how can one go wrong with a simple pair of red peep-toe pumps? I think the elegance of this look would have been ruined had she over-accesorized.  

Lastly, despite claims that Rihanna lost her damn mind when she went red, I love her hair.

Rihanna leaving Osteria Mozza Restaurant in LA

Coming in at number 4 is this outfit Rihanna sported in March 2011 while in Sydney, Australia. I love cropped tops, tailored trousers, pointed toe shoes, and big hooped earrings, so it’s only natural that I would love this look. 

Like the outfit above, this one is also balanced as her arms are out, but her her legs are covered. (Not that Rihanna wouldn’t opt for an outfit that shows off both). Some may say that the trousers are too big for her and make her hips look too big, but I think they’re just fine. 

The key to wearing a cropped top is to wear it with a high waisted bottom that covers your navel and hits right at your waistline. It looks more classy and perfect for those (like me) who are not comfortable showing too much midriff. Not to mention it hides your gut, making it look smaller than it is.

The top is by Alexander Wang ($245), which of course is sold out, and on her feet are Christian Louboutin’s “Lucifer Bow Spiked Toe Pump” ($995), which can be purchased here if you’re about that life.

Similar trousers can be found here.

Rihanna spotted in Sydney, Austrailia

Christian Louboutin “Lucifer Bow Spiked Toe Pump”

Am I the only person who’s favourite colour is leopard print? Coming in at number 3 is Rihanna in this two-tone Dolce & Gabbana leopard dress ($1,898) that she wore back in May 2010.  

Rihanna pulled this look off effortlessly; The thin black band accentuates her waistline and separates the red portion of the dress from the tan. 

The statement earrings are a bit much for me. I would have went with a large black or gold stud, but hey, they work for her. The classic red lip and black heels complete the outfit, and the hair is the perfect 90s throwback.

Click here to see some of my favourite leopard things.

Rihanna in two tone Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Dress

I believe that a tailored pant suit is an asset to any woman’s closet. It’s not that wearing a pant suit makes me “feel like a man”, but rather it makes me feel a little bossy. Of course ladies are bosses too.. gone brush your shoulders off. Get it? Anywho, coming in at number 2 is this look featuring a leopard print blouse underneath which is just what the suit needed to add a “lil oomph” to the outfit.

The shoulder pads gives a tailored look, but the “flowy” nature of the blazer makes it more stylish and less professional. (This ain’t for the office).

She shows some cleavage by not buttoning the shirt up all the way, but attention is drawn away from the cleavage by the long, pearl accented chain that matches the pearl studs in her ears.

The gold highlights in her hair are softened by the tan in the shirt, the red lip is timeless, and the shades say “I’m too cool for school”.I believe the shoes she wore are black, but I believe a red shoe would have also done this outfit justice.

Rihanna in white pant suit

What do you say to a woman who wears a black, barely there,  Giorgio Armani dress and looks as classy as the woman who has on a burka who is fully covered? Nothing. You say nothing. You simply stare, and marvel. Coming it at number 1 is this number Rihanna donned at the 2012 GRAMMY Awards.

This dress is giving me all kinds of life. It is perfect for her body, from the plunging neckline, to the way the dress hits just above her bottom at the back.

I’ve always been a fan of the soft, thin jewelry that Rihanna wears and anything more would have been too much for the outfit. The cuffs on both arms are beautiful and the gold cylindrical bag is a closet must have.

Her makeup is subtle and her hair is giving me “Farrah Fawcet meets Madonna” …or something like that. Some people say that Rihanna has too many tattoos or that they aren’t “becoming”, but I think her tattoos accentuate this outfit. *Kanye shrug*.

Let’s not forget about the shoes. Rihanna is wearing the hell out of those Christian Louboutin “Bis Un Bout Pumps” A while back, I did a post on a dupe I found for these shoes on gojane. com. It’s safe to say that these are my favorite shoes of all time. 

Christian Louboutin “Un Bout” Shoes

Just missing the cut, is this outfit Rihanna wore to while on tour in London. She wore a grey cowl-neck Helmut Lang top along with Givenchy tribal print leggings. I love this look because I loooove tribal print anything as well as “loud” leggings. 

It can be hard at times to match these types of leggings without doing too much, but this pairing is lovely and the black shoes complete the look. It’s simple and funky “at the same damn time.” Sorry I had to make that reference. 🙂

Rihanna at Merah Nightblub in London

I hope you like the looks that I’ve shown of Rihanna. If you don’t, say why in the comment section below. I’ll leave you with my favourite Rihanna song and favourite video of all time. Peep the leggings at 3:31 #yesLord. She servin’ all types of Caribbean flyness complete with trade mark Caribbean dances, and a side of “Fresh Prince of BelAir” graphics.

As always,
Much love,