Style Crush | Elle Varner

Elle Varner at the 2012 BET Awards
As far as fashion icons go, I’ve never found an exact fashion twin. This is good because to me it shows that as much as I may like the way someone dresses, I still have my unique style that is a compilation of many different fashions. 
Because I just started this blog, and I have not really posted any OOTD’s (stay tuned!), I wanted to show you some of my favorite style icons so you can get a feel for my sense of fashion. 
In my eyes, Elle Varner can do no wrong. Okay, so maybe that might be a bit of  an exaggeration, but even when she does “wrong” it’s still right because I feel as if she is being true to herself . After all, isn’t that what fashion just an extension of what’s inside? Maybe that’s a bit too cliche 🙂
I like Elle Varner because she plays with color in  ways that many are afraid to.
The collage above features the dress Elle Varner wore to the 2012 BET Awards and it is simply to die for. It looks like a box of crayons :),  but the black base tones it down, without taking away from the vibrance of the dress. The style of the dress is definitely in right now with the long sleeves, high neck, and tight enough to hug the body in just the right places, revealing a stunning silhouette. 
The two pictures below are from the set of her video “Only Wanna Give it to You” ft J. Cole (my favorite rapper and the artist through whom I discovered Elle). Where do I start? The photo on the left features a colorful tribal inspired dress with an orange blazer with ruched sleeves that brings out the orange in the dress. Let’s have a moment of silence for the shoes which are gorgeous mustard/gold color that brings out the yellow in the dress. The bag provides a touch of pink to provide more of a color contrast and her gold accessories are the cherry on top of this fashion sundae.
The photo on the right is a fun, funky, playful look featuring colorful leopard print leggings. I love colorful leggings, although I’m afraid to wear them at times because they are loud and where I go to school, people keep it toned down. Most of the time its cold, and people tend to go with natural, neutral colors in the winter which gets on my nerves because I’m such a color fiend! (Little rant there).
Elle on the set of her video “Only Wanna Give it to You”
The photos above are of Elle and four of her appearances on the 106 & Park show. The first features colorful leggings once again. The second features a black and white checkered print shirt with a pop of jade green on the sleeves and mustard neckpiece.
The third photo on the left is bold and daring because not many would wear a bright orange pant suit, but I love it and would definitely wear it. The photo on the right features a green and blue iridescent skirt with a foil effect. Both of these outfits could have gone wrong, but they did not. 

 The photo above is Elle at the 2011 Black Girls Rock concert. I wish I could find the words to describe this dress, but words fail. I love the cut and the rich blues and purple which are offset by the orange of her lips, purse, and shoes (which highlights the orange in the dress which may have been overshadowed by the blue).
The photo above is of Elle performing at the actual concert. Remember when I said even when Elle does wrong, it’s still right. Well, this photo is the pictoral manifestation of that statement. 🙂
There you have it! Elle Varner in all of her fashion goodness. Not only does her fashion sense and hair rock, so does her music. Check Elle out here: 
This is my favorite song from her:
Much love,