New Revlon Lipsticks | Ravish Me Red and Va Va Violet

If I had to choose one makeup item to take with me everyday wherever I go, I would choose lipstick. I say this because as long as you have clear skin (which I’m workin’ on), you don’t have to worry about concealer and foundation. A vibrant lipstick can brighten up any look!

There’s always a story…
These lipsticks are both from Revlon. I bought ‘va va violet’ because one my girlfriends bought it. I asked her to try it on and when I did, I fell in love! I am a sucker for a dark lip. I bought ‘ravish me red’ because I saw a lady wearing it when I was looking at pictures on I asked her what shade it was and I bought it!

I usually put a similar colored lip liner under my lipstick to make the color pop and last longer since it is a drugstore brand and does not last as long as a the big boys like MAC.

You can find these lipsticks at your local drugstore, but I purchased mine at for 6.39 each. Here are the links for va va violet and ravish me red. Below are color swatches!

Much Love,
B. Bass

Update 22/10/2012 This is what va va violet looks like on:

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